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The Moon Mountain Music Camp is a two-day educational gathering, focusing on many different areas of acoustic musicianship.

The camp mainly focus on the adult student (there will be no "kids classes,") but any age is welcome.  The camp is hosted by members of the Moon Mountain Ramblers and other professional musicians / music educators.  It provides classes for beginning through advanced musician.

The Moon Mountain Music Camp is held on the grounds of the wonderful High and Dry Bluegrass Festival (held every August).

  • Meet new musical friends.
  • Come be part of the community of music.
  • Support your desire to learn and enjoy music more.


For 2010 camp registration, information packet, or directions:

2010 Camp Registration Form

2010 Camp Info Packet & Directions


2010 (confirmed) FACULTY:
Scott Foxx (River Pigs)
Jenny Harada (MMR)
Matt “Mai” Hyman (MMR)
Dale Largent (MMR)
Dan McClung (MMR)
Joe Schulte (MMR)


CLASSES: Classes will be offered covering various aspects of acoustic musicianship, including instrument classes, songwriting, ensemble skills, singing, arranging, music theory, music career, etc.  Some of these classes are offered to the entire camp populations, while others will be offered during the camp's 5 small-group classes.  Three 90-minute class times are offered on Saturday and two 75-minute classes on Sunday.  Each of these blocks would include 3-4 class offerings, totaling 15-20 different classes.

Sample classes (Subject to change based on instruments enrolled, etc.):


  • “Song Arranging for the Ensemble” (all levels).  Come explore the ideas, possibilities, and considerations of arranging songs for maximum quality and comfort.  The MMR 5 will together present suggestions on how to arrange a song for a band, what to think about, how to achieve certain effects, and how to do it peacefully.  The band will perform examples for the class as a way of providing living examples of the discussions.


  • Rhythm Guitar (beginner/intermediate).   Explore the “boom-chuck”, alternating and walking bass lines, chord-voicings, and timing issues.
  • Lead Guitar (intermediate/advanced).  We will cover pick-hand techniques and exercises, creating crispy intros and endings, improvising and building solos, cross-picking and special effects.
  • Dobro  (all levels).  Come for this overview of chords and progressions, rhythm techniques, and improvising.


  • Mando: Stairway to Easy (beginner). An understanding of the basics.
  • Mando: Fretboard Roadtrip (intermediate to advanced).    Exploring the possibilities.
  • Joe's Brain (all instruments, all levels).  Tricks, concepts and ideas for any musician.


  • Bluegrass Fiddle (beginner/intermediate).   Learn some bluegrass techniques including intros, outros and doublestops, while working on the camp song "New River Train." Topics also include scales, chops and improvisation tips.
  • Fiddlin' the Blues (beginner/intermediate).  Learn blues scales and licks while working on the camp song "Salty Dog Blues." Topics also include, scales (blues, pentatonic and chromatic), chops, slides and other improvisation tips.
  • Mapping out the Fiddle Fingerboard and Hot Licks (beginner/intermediate).  Do you have trouble knowing what notes are in a chord? Learn every Major 7, Dominant 7 and minor 7 arpeggio in the first position of the fiddle. Also, learn some easy crowd-pleasing techniques for your solos.


  • ABSOLUTELY BEGINNING Bass (beginners). Ever wondered what it would be like to slap that big 'ol upright? Well, here's your chance! Dan will walk you through the very basics, and get you playing in no time. Some basses will be available at camp for students to use.
  • Bass Techniques (all levels).  Playing open strings, playing closed positions, walking & Bluegrass slaps.
  • Music Theory You Can Use (all levels).  Learn the Nashville numbering system, transposing, learn common chords for different keys, meter and note values. 


  • Music Theory Pre-101 (beginning theory for any musician, no instrument required).  Take the first steps to understanding music.  This FUN class will get you started into music on a whole 'nother level, but you have to come to the class to know why it's fun.  
  • Supportive Percussion: “Adding beats to your buddy's music without beating-up the friendship."  (all levels, limited number of instruments provided).  Learn how to introduce percussion into Americana music.  Basic hand drum and hand percussion technique will be reviewed.


  • Banjo: “How to play that driving banjo” (beginner/intermediate).  Come on down for some banjo pickin’ fun while learning how to keep it all rolling a bit smoother.
  • Fingerstyle Guitar (beginner/intermediate). 

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MENTOR SESSIONS:  Besides classes, faculty will be available for one-on-one mentoring sessions during the weekend.  Mentoring sessions can cover any musical topic. 

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BAND SCRAMBLE:  MMMC highly encourages ALL students to participate in the Band Scramble.  This is an excellent opportunity to put your learning into practice right away.  MMMC faculty will create musical groups based on a mix of instruments, experience, interests, etc.  These groups will perform on the  “main stage.”

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Weekend Pass - $85 ($95 after June 7).  Includes both days of camp offerings, camping, Sunday pancake breakfast.

Day Pass - $50 ($55 after June 7).  A Day Pass can be purchased for either camp day.  It provides a given day's Camp offerings. 
      Saturday's Day Camp hours are 9:00am -10:00pm. 
      Sunday's Day Camp hours are 9:00am - 6:30pm. 

WORK SCHOLARSHIPS:  MMMC is offering a limited number of work scholarships.  In exchange for a day’s tuition, scholarship recipients will volunteer 3 hours’ labor.  (Weekend pass holders will provide 6 hours of volunteer time).  MMMC staff will coordinate duties and schedules with the recipients.  For more info, please contact Dale Largent at (541) 350-9572 or

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DAY PASS STUDENTS --  If you are attending on a day pass, you are invited to camp during the following hours:

      Saturday's Day Camp hours are 9:30am -10:00pm. 
      Sunday's Day Camp hours are 9:00 am - 6:30pm. 

WEEKEND PASS STUDENTS – The camp-grounds will open at 8:30am Saturday June 12 and close at 7:00pm Sunday June 13.

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To register, please go to Music Makers, String Theory Music, or mail a check and the camp registration form (available below).

A detailed camp info packet , including driving directions, is also available for download.

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For 2010 camp registration, information packet, or directions:

2010 Camp Registration Form

2010 Camp Info Packet & Directions



See you at camp!


Classes - Mentoring - Band Scramble - Tuition - Camp Hours - Registration



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